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The week before Halloween 2002, Mercedes and I enjoyed a weekend roadtrip from our house in Concord, Masschusetts to Burlington, Vermont. Here's some of the photos. The drive consumed much of the weekend because we decided to take the long way west on Route 2 through Massachusetts past Orange and up to North Adams, then north through Vermont on the interstate passed Rutland and then to Burlington. In total, with sightseeing, the drive was 5-6 hours each way, but the mountain views and low traffic were worth it.

We spent most of our time right in the center of town on the Church Street pedestrian thorofare. With the wind blowing in off of Lake Champlain and low hanging snow clouds moving in, we preferred to check out the warm interiors of artsy stores and hip restaurants rather than fight the cold temps. I have to recommend both the Three Tomatoes Trattoria for dinner and the Sweet Waters Bistro for brunch.