Let's kick things off with a first blog! Spent a few hours today creating a personalized "talkingtree" green style by getting my feet wet with CFXML_Blog. What appeals most to me about this blogging project is that its built in ColdFusion so extending and modifying it is easy, and secondly that it uses XML to hold all the blog data so no database is necessary.

Tomorrow evening I'll be driving from Boston to Gaithersburg, Maryland to attend the annual CFUN03, a ColdFusion conference. I've attended this conference for the last two years and it just keeps getting better every time. This year there are several "tracks" to choose from, not to mention a keynote address from the ColdFusion Community Leader, Christian Cantrell. Last year I created the questions for the CF Celebrity Jeopardy game. This year, Michael Smith asked me to write the Celebrity Squares questions, which I'll post here after the game.