Compiling the Apache Connector Module for CFMX

Found an excellent step by step procedure for Compiling and Installing the Apache module for CFMX from source code on CFDEV today. This explains more carefully how to perform the procedure first described in the ColdFusion MX wsconfig FAQ.

See my more recent blog entry for a script you can use to more easily build the connector.

CFUN03 Celebrity Squares Trivia

CF Celebrity Squares At the recent CFUN03 conference, I was asked again this year to create the trivia questions to be used in the game show parody, this year entitled Celebrity Squares. The following is a list of questions prepared for the game.

1) The CFML tags CFDUMP, CFLOG, and CFFLUSH first became available in what version of ColdFusion?
Answer: ColdFusion 5 (a little bathroom humor to warm up !)
2) CFMAIL can be used to send large volumes of unsolicited mail, often known as spam. How did junk email come to be known as "spam"?