CF5/4.5 Wizard to Crack Lost Datasource Username and Passwords

This small wizard will crack all the username and password combinations for all ColdFusion 5 and 4.5x datasources and return them in clear text. It uses a brute force approach by simply trying all possible patterns for passwords up to 16 characters by default (modifiable) having characters from ASCI 33 to 126, which includes the alphanumeric range. It requires that the CFREGISTRY tag is enabled.

I wrote it for someone that had lost their passwords after someone else left the company and trashed all the records the company had regarding the CFAdmin settings.


It really is a snap with Snap Gallery

Madrid 1998-1999

This weekend I launched my first incarnation of a Snap Gallery photo organizer/slideshow. Snap Gallery is an open source wizard that allows you to build a nicely polished, customizable photo gallery with very little effort. I'd first seen this on Aaron Johnson's blog and I really liked it. I had been rolling my own version of a photo wizard, but with time constraints it wasn't as nice as I hoped. SnapGallery is perfect.

The wizard script runs on your desktop when you build the gallery, where it finds the photos in the directory you point it to, walks you through each photo while you create a title and caption, and then generates the appropriate web files that are saved along side the photos. Then all you need to do is upload the photos and web files to their final destination on the web. The wizard script runs on Windows, but the web files it produces are compatible for Linux and Windows.

In my case, I downloaded the zipped snapGallery.wmf file and then edited it to default to certain colors and fonts, which the comments in the script prompt you to do. I then made additional edits to wizard that changed the size of the windows used during the wizard (they were too small for me), changed the default document type to index.cfm (ColdFusion), and then changed the generated html to add a banner and even some CFML. The CFML includes a footer at runtime so that if I choose I can customize the footer and it will automatically be reflected in each of the snapGallery web files.

So, check out my first Snap Gallery!