Configuring a Different Xalan.jar in ColdFusion MX 6.1

ColdFusion MX's functionality for parsing and transforming XML documents, such as XMLParse() and XMLTransform(), is handled under the hood by Apache's Crimson and Xalan implementations, respectively.

Since Crimson is generally retired in favor of Xerces as the choice of XML Parsers, you may wish to download Xerces jar into the CF classpath (WEB-INF/lib) for programmatic access as a java object in your CFML.


From the Archive: CFUN02 Trivia Questions for CFJeopardy

Previously this year I posted the questions used in the CFUN03 ColdFusion User Conference gameshow CF Celebrity Squares. The annual CFUN conference is organized and sponsored by TeraTech's Michael Smith, and Michael proposed that I develop the questions to use for the gameshow portion of the conference.

Today, I just happen to dig up the questions from the previous year's gameshow CFJeopardy, held at CFUN02. You can play the game here, or just have a look at the questions and answers below: