Previously this year I posted the questions used in the CFUN03 ColdFusion User Conference gameshow CF Celebrity Squares. The annual CFUN conference is organized and sponsored by TeraTech's Michael Smith, and Michael proposed that I develop the questions to use for the gameshow portion of the conference.

Today, I just happen to dig up the questions from the previous year's gameshow CFJeopardy, held at CFUN02. You can play the game here, or just have a look at the questions and answers below:


  • A: The CFMX configuration settings listed in the Coldfusion Administrator are stored in this type of information repository.
  • Q: What are XML files?
  • Comments: Previous versions of Coldfusion stored configuration info in the Windows registry or the cf.registry on Unix

  • A: The CFMX client variables are stored in this type of information repository by default on Windows.
  • Q: What is the Windows Registry?

  • A: The ActionScript library needed to be included in a Flash file in order to implement "Flash Remoting".
  • Q: What is

  • A: It is necessary to do this before CFIMPORTing and using a JSP Tag Library in CFMX.
  • Q: What is restart the CFMX Server?

  • A: When referring to Unicode and Locale in CFMX, the abbreviations i18n & l10n stand for these.
  • Q: What is Internationalization and Localization?
    Comments: The abbreviation is the first and last letter of the word with the number of letters in between as an integer, and they typically are used in context together.

Database and SQL

  • A: This attribute/value combination of the CFQuery tag in CF 5 allows the developer to create new datasources on the fly.
  • Q: What is dbtype="dynamic"?

  • A: The default isolation level when using CFTransaction.
  • Q: What is Serializable?

  • A: The two Coldfusion tags that allows a developer to specify "bind parameters".
  • Q: What are CFQueryParam and CFProcParam?

  • A: The acronym ACID that describes transaction-safe database operations stands for these four parameters:
  • Q: What is Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity, and Durability?

XML and Web Services

  • A: The name of the SDK that allows Coldfusion to seamlessly share data with application servers such as PHP and ASP.
  • Q: What is the WDDX SDK?

  • A: CFMX provides these two methods for consuming web services.
  • Q: What are CreateObject() and CFInvoke?

  • A: This attribute/value pair is required for the CFFunction tag when building a Coldfusion Component (CFC) to be consumed remotely as a Web Service.
  • Q: What is access="remote"?

  • A: The XMLTransform() function in CFMX takes these two required parameters.
  • Q: What are an XML String (the XML) and an XSL String (the XSL stylesheet)?
  • Comments: Each file type is held in string format in a variable and then passed to the function

  • A: The CFMX function XMLSearch() takes this type of expression as a search criteria when operating on an XML document.
  • Q: What is an XPath expression?

Wacky Errors

  • A: The error "XML parsing error: junk after document element" will be thrown when the tag
    [CFWDDX action="WDDX2CFML" ...>
    parses this.
  • Q: What is extraneous code outside of the WDDX packet body?

  • A: The error will include the expression "CFTempOnlyForSetVariableNeverUseThisNameInYourCFMLCode122333444455555654321" when doing this in Coldfusion 5 or lower.
  • Q: What is paraming a variable with a scope but without a variable name? Example:
    [CFPARAM default="" name="url.">

  • A: This pop-up alert was given in Coldfusion 4.5 when ClusterCats was configured for failover
  • and then the machine was rebooted when not connected to the network.
  • Q: What is "The system is shutting down in 10 seconds. Later dude!" ?
  • Comments: This alert would pop-up and begin counting down from 10, only to reboot and do it again.
  • It was necessary to restart in SafeMode to correct.

  • A: In Coldfusion 4.5 on Unix, this tag was known to occasionally throw the error "waitpid() returned something nasty".
  • Q: What is CFExecute?