Reply To Boston Linux and Unix User Group on Topic of Education

Someone was asking me today where they might take a fundamentals of LinuxUnix class that isn't going to break the bank. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks, Michael.

--- paulc wrote: So, you attended the Networking course from Red Hat (???)

Yes, RedHat Networking and Security.


Giving Thanks is Very Much Appreciated

Over the years I've enjoyed helping others with to find answers to simple questions and solutions to major crises. Often customers have thanked me in different ways, and I just want to say that I'm always very appreciative of the positive feedback. It makes me want to work harder in the future and keeps me motivated to learn more. So, a big Thank You in return for all positve comments I've received, and regardless of how small it really does make a difference.

I would like to share some customer quotes from those who took an extra moment to write to my manager or myself.