ColdFusion Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux


It's official...

ColdFusion MX 6.1 also supports:
* RedHat Linux ES 2.1
* RedHat Linux AS ES 3.0 (Same caveat as RedHat Linux 7.3, 8.0, 9 - Verity does not support these OSs)

Look for a small change to the system requirements of ColdFusion MX very soon. Macromedia will add support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 AS and ES.

Previously the system requirements stated support for RH AS 2.1, but some folks in the community took that literally whereas the actual Macromedia support included ES as well. Hopefully the system requirements regarding support for RH Enterprise Linux will be spelled out very clearly for both version and edition to avoid further confusion.

Given that the end of life for Red Hat support of Red Hat Linux 7 and 8 isn't until the end of this year, and eol for RH 9 support isn't until the spring of 2004, I wouldn't expect any major changes in ColdFusion MX 6.1 supported platforms in the near future. The Fedora Project which will replace Red Hat Linux isn't even out the door yet as the project is somewhat delayed, so I wouldn't bother to ask about CF support for that quite yet either.

Big News in the Linux World Today

Discussion forums all over the web today were heatedly debating the significance of two items of news in the Linux world:

  • Red Hat announces an end of life for support of Red Hat Linux 7, 8, and 9. Red Hat Linux is to be replaced with the Fedora Project. Red Hat will focus on the enterprise class customer by continuing development and support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux which comes in 3 flavors, AS, ES, and WS.

  • Novell announces the aquisition of Suse Linux. Novell is a US based company whereas Suse was based in Nuremburg, Germany. Novell also used to own Caldera. Caldera morphed into SCO, and SCO as we all know has gone rabid this year.

I'll be digesting the many discussions over the next few days, but for the moment here are a handful of links to the various threads and topics:

And all this news on the day I'm confered with an RHCT. Not even a moment to bask in the achievement before I realize that my achievement is good for a soon to be deprecated product.

11/07: Found interesting review of alternatives to Red Hat by Eric Longman. Eric provides his views on Gentoo and Debian.