To configure the Apache connector from CFMX 6.1 on RHEL 3, you must use -DWSConfig.redhat-release=8 as an additional argument on the commandline for wsconfig.

This is logged as bug 53703, and a Technote for this is expected shortly.

The problem is because Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is based on Red Hat 7.2 but uses a recent Apache 2 version. Wsconfig reads /etc/redhat-release to determine which version of RedHat you're running, the RHEL 3 redhat-release file confuses wsconfig as to which Apache version to expect. Wsconfig wants to put down an Apache 1.3.x connector, but that has the wrong "magic number" and won't work. The wsconfig argument DWSConfig.redhat-release=8 forces it to put down a connector for Apache 2 which is correct.

See the docs for more on commandline installation of wsconfig Apache connector.

This should not be confused with a similiar but converse problem that Brandon Purcell blogged this week for when an old Apache 1.3x is used on Red Hat 8 or 9.