Big News in the Linux World Today

Discussion forums all over the web today were heatedly debating the significance of two items of news in the Linux world:

  • Red Hat announces an end of life for support of Red Hat Linux 7, 8, and 9. Red Hat Linux is to be replaced with the Fedora Project. Red Hat will focus on the enterprise class customer by continuing development and support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux which comes in 3 flavors, AS, ES, and WS.

  • Novell announces the aquisition of Suse Linux. Novell is a US based company whereas Suse was based in Nuremburg, Germany. Novell also used to own Caldera. Caldera morphed into SCO, and SCO as we all know has gone rabid this year.

I'll be digesting the many discussions over the next few days, but for the moment here are a handful of links to the various threads and topics:


Red Hat Certified Technician: Mission Accomplished !!

RedHat Certified Technician It's official! Whooo hoo! I received the test results from my RHCT exam, and passed with 100% of the first half (100% required) and 91% of the second half (70% required). I tripped up on a NIS issue which cost me a perfect score...

Well, now I'd like to set my sights on the RHCE. I am somewhat dismayed by the RedHat news today regarding the end of life for RedHat as we all know it, leaving only RedHat Enterprise Linux in its wake, but more on that later...

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