Sunset Photos in Great Meadows

Here are a few photos from a sunset walk in the Concord part of Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

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Although today is the first day of Winter, New England has already had more than twice the average monthly snowfall, over 20 inches so far around here. The two cattail fringed ponds in this part of the park were completely frozen over.

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Clarification on Conflicting Docs for CFMX Verity Support in Linux

The Macromedia website currently contains multiple documents regarding CFMX support for Verity on the Linux platform, and many of those documents conflict with eachother. I've confirmed with QA the actual supported configurations, and we'll work to get the official documentation cleared up where possible.

The confirmed versions of Red Hat Linux where Verity in CFMX 6.1 is supported are:


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Blizzard in Concord MA , Dec 6th and 7th 2003

Record Snow in Concord

While it lasts, catch the blizzard from my webcam overlooking part of Concord, Massachusetts. I'll be slogging through the snow drifts and empty streets down to Arena Farms today to pick out our Christmas tree. This would be a good day to throw some logs in the fire as well.

If you're catching this long after the blizzard is over, I'll put a small movie together of the timelapse sequences taken by the webcam and then post it here.


Domain Cookie Bug on Multi-homed Servers

This new TechNote provides a ColdFusion MX 6.1 hotfix for domain cookies on multi-homed servers. The CFAPPLICATION tag's setdomaincookie attribute is intended to associate a specific domain with a cookie so that a session can bounce from to and still use the same cookie set without interfering with cookies from

Bug 53797 is logged because the first request for an application configured for domain cookies will cause all website domains for that server to use cookies from the domain of that first request. Say that both companyA and companyB are using domain cookies, the server is restarted, and a request comes in for companyB. The response will set cookies that are associated with "" after ColdFusion parses out the domain for that request. Then if a request comes in for companyA which also uses domain cookies, the domain set for companyA will be "", which is incorrect.

A network trace, taken with Ethereal, demonstrates how the domain portion of the CFIDE and CFTOKEN cookies should be the domain derived from the HTTP Request HOST header: