CF Celebrity Squares At the recent CFUN03 conference, I was asked again this year to create the trivia questions to be used in the game show parody, this year entitled Celebrity Squares. The following is a list of questions prepared for the game.

1) The CFML tags CFDUMP, CFLOG, and CFFLUSH first became available in what version of ColdFusion?
Answer: ColdFusion 5 (a little bathroom humor to warm up !)
2) CFMAIL can be used to send large volumes of unsolicited mail, often known as spam. How did junk email come to be known as "spam"?

Answer: A Monty Python skit called Spam.
3) The special IP address known as the "loopback" address is also known as this.
Answer: localhost or
4) [T/F] Installation support for ColdFusion is free on the Macromedia web site.
Answer: True

5) When testing equality, is the operator "DOES NOT EQUAL" legal syntax in CFMX?
Answer: No
6) [T/F] When performing custom exception handling in ColdFusion, the CFFINALLY tag will always run even if no exception occurred.
Answer: False (CFFINALLY does not exist)
7) Using the modulus function, 11 mod 4 is what?
Answer: 3
8) [T/F] In ColdFusion MX on Windows 98 you can use the MySQL JDBC driver to connect to a MySQL database.
Answer: True
9) [T/F] The CFSET statement [CFSET WriteOutput("All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.")> is legal syntax.
Answer: True

10) In ColdFusion MX Enterprise Edition, if session management is used while j2ee session variables are enabled in the ColdFusion Administrator, this session identifier will be used in lieu of the familiar CFID and CFTOKEN session identifiers.
Answer: jsessionid
11)[T/F] Similar to the web.config file in ASP.NET, the ColdFusion Application.cfm will inherit from other Application.cfm's further up the directory tree.
Answer: false
12) This ColdFusion function allows you to safely store binary files in a database.
Answer: ToBase64()
13) [T/F] ColdFusion Components are accessible when they are placed in the CFML Custom Tag directories.
Answer: True
Source: Advanced ColdFusion MX Application Development, Ben Forta; p. 507.
14) RSS 0.91, 1.0, and 2.0 are common formats for the export of this popular content type on the web.
Answer: blogs
15) Macromedia's MXNA allows readers to monitor their favorite weblogs and other syndicated sites in a single place. What does MXNA stand for?.
Answer: Macromedia XML News Aggregator
16) In 1996, Aspcect Software was developing a new product, code named HotLava, intended to compete with ColdFusion. That company was acquired by Microsoft, and HotLava later became this software product.
Answer: Active Server Pages, or ASP
17) ColdFusion's original product logo was a fist with a lightening bolt, but the name ColdFusion was not the original choice for the name of the product. What was the first proposed name?.
Answer: Prometheus
18) Nick Bradbury created this Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and later sold it to Allaire.
Answer: HomeSite
19) The Verity K2 Server feature of ColdFusion must be restarted after having modified a collection in order for it to search the updated contents. The K2 Server can be restarted programmatically using CFEXECUTE, and this function can be used to tell you when the K2 Server is back online.
Answer: IsK2ServerOnline()
20)[T/F] ColdFusion Components (CFCs) support the super() method.
Answer: False, this is a new feature that will be available in the next updater, codenamed "RedSky".
21) [T/F] ColdFusion MX is able to use dynamic datasources with Microsoft Access.
Answer: True
Source (TechNote 18656)
22) In the gold (original) release of ColdFusion MX the "Driver" column of the Datasource page of the ColdFusion Administrator was a link to sort Datasources by driver name. Clicking on that link caused an error containing what bizarre string to be displayed?
Answer: _____temptaciousjedimastersupremewhopper1
Source: Macromedia ColdFusion MX bug 45746.
23) If a login form is displayed from an HTTP response but submits data over an HTTPS request, is the form data being submitted secure from eavesdropping?
Answer: Yes
24) Some ColdFusion MX users may encounter a java.lang.outOfMemoryError when ColdFusion memory usage is still well below the "Max Heap" size. The cause of this problem may be due to having reached the ceiling of the Sun JVM Garbage Collector's "Permanent Generation". What Sun JVM parameter can be used to increase the size of Permanent Generation?
Answer: MaxPermSize
Source (TechNote 18548)
25) ColdFusion MX's wsconfig.jar is used to configure the webserver connector, allowing ColdFusion requests to be handled by an external webserver. What commandline switch is used to determine the version of the connector?
Answer: -info
Source (TechNote 18572)
26) [T/F] The function XMLParse() takes for it input an XML object and returns the XML as a string.
Answer: False (the opposite is true)
Source: CFMX Developer Study Guide, Ben Forta; p. 248
27) What is the optimal setting for the "Simultaneous Requests" value in the ColdFusion Administrator in CFMX for J2EE?
Answer: N/A. This setting is not applicable via the CFAdmin, but is only in available in CFMX "standalone" configuration.
Source: CFMX Developer Study Guide, Ben Forta; p. 387 28) On Linux, running the command "kill -3" on the appropriate ColdFusion MX process id will do what?
Answer: It causes ColdFusion MX to print a Full thread dump (stack trace) in the cf_root/logs/cfserver.log file
Source (TechNote 18339)
29) What is the simplest way to force ColdFusion MX to recompile its .cfm files?
Answer: Delete all the class files in ColdFusion's WEB-INFcfclasses directory
30) Which ColdFusion MX xml configuration file must be edited to configure the built-in Java Web Server?
Answer: jrun.xml in runtimeserversdefaultSERVER-INF
31) The use of the setCrentials() method in a Flash Remoting application is analogous to using an HTML form with these two reserved form field names to pass login information to ColdFusion's CFLogin.
Answer: j_username and j_password
Source (TechNote 18684)
32) Regular Expression support in CFMX is based on this other language's Regex flavor.
Answer: Perl (Perl 5 RegEx flavor)
Source: Advanced ColdFusion MX Application Development, Ben Forta; p. 233.
33) CFMX for J2EE can be deployed to J2EE servers by deploying either an EAR or a WAR file. What does EAR stand for?
Answer: Enterprise Archive
34) MVC, DAO, and Iterator are some of types of Design Patterns that can be used to architect ColdFusion MX applications. What does DAO stand for?
Answer: Data Access Objects
35) The XMLTransform( ) function in CFMX takes these two required parameters.
Answer: XMLString (the XML) and XSLString (the XSL stylesheet)
36) ACID is an acronym and mnemonic device for learning and remembering the four primary attributes ensured to any transaction. What are these four attributes?
Answer: Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity, and Durability