FuseboxMX Reborn as MACH II

I've seen a variety of discussion on Mach II recently. Mach II is formerly known as Fusebox MX. The creator of Fusebox, Hal Helms, describes Mach II as:

Mach-II is a robust, object-oriented framework built on an event-based, implicit invocation architecture. The Mach II training course is intended for students who want to quickly learn how to make the best use of object orientation in the Mach-II framework. Students need no prior knowledge of object orientation or Mach-II, but should have a basic familiarity with ColdFusion MX.

Commentary and information can be found here:

Update 7/29: More discussion on CFTalk today regarding the goals and development of Mach-II. Hal Helms replied to a general question about what is Mach-II and what educational resources are available. Hal reports:

Right now, the docs are pretty much non-existent, so there's no surprise that you're having trouble grasping it. I've been working on sample apps for the last few days, so we'll have some up within a couple of weeks at most. After that, we'll work on docs. Here's a really brief rundown on Mach-II:

The idea behind implicit invocation is that individual components in the system aren't determined until runtime. The framework creates the structure of an "event" (things like "UserRegistered" or "BetPlaced") and then checks an XML config file to see who has asked to be notified about the current event. A reference to the event, including any variables associated with that event, is passed to the listener. Listeners can raise new events that other listeners respond to, etc. The big deal with implicit invocation (the "II" in Mach-II) is that components can be very loosely coupled, allowing for much easier reuse and, maybe more importantly, much easier maintenance.

Mach-II implements the Model-View-Controller pattern, in which the framework itself is the controller while model and view functions are separated. BTW, an event can notify a listener (typically in the model) or specify a view, or both.

Let me get back to finishing a "Roulette Table" sample app so that you can see what I'm talking about.

Update 8/12: Mach II 1.0 is now available for download from the Mach II website.

Coldfusion Technotes Published Week of 07/12/03