Configuring Oracle Thin Client in CFMX

For CFMX Enterprise and Professional

  1. Save the file to {CFMX_HOME}WEB-INFlib
  2. Edit the JVM Java page in CFAdmin,
  3. Add {CFMX_HOME} to the class path
  4. Restart the CFMX App server
  5. Add datasource using the "other" driver
  6. JDBC URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@[dbservername]:1521:[SID]
  7. Driver Class: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
  8. Configure username, password, submit


Configuring Sun JDBC-ODBC Bridge in CFMX

I've seen some rare cases where ColdFusion MX's JDBC Type III driver is not able to connect to ODBC datasources under certain conditions.
The JDBC Type III drivers in CFMX are the drivers that use the ODBC Server and ODBC Agent Services as the middleware component in the translation, such as the driver marked as "ODBC Socket" and the one marked as "Microsoft Access". The latter happens to be the same as the former but given an obvious name just to be clear about which to chose if you are using MS Access.


Apache Security Secrets Revealed


RedHat just posted a new link for a whitepaper on Apache Security, however the date on the paper is October of last year. Nevertheless, looks worth reading...

JLCA 2.0: Convert JSP and Servlets to ASP.NET

Interesting article on Internet Week yesterday.

""The key new feature of JLCA 2.0, which runs within Visual Studio .Net, is the ability to convert Java Server Pages (JSPs) and servlet applications to ASP.Net, according to Microsoft. The product is available for "" target="_blank">download.

To support the use of JLCA 2.0, Microsoft also published a JSP-to-ASP.Net Migration Guide, which provides resources to help developers migrate to ASP.Net. The guide supports the documented migration with videos, white papers, sample code and additional resources.""