Why Java Should Not Temper ColdFusionML Talents

Found a very heated debate going on at The ServerSide regarding a recent article debating the merits of CFML over JSP. The article and its corresponding forum thread begin as such:

Open Enterprise Trends:

A growing number of IT managers are being pressured to transition from using the open standard ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) to Java Server Pages (JSP) and servlets. In this article, we'll look at why (and for what purposes) CFML, originally created by Macromedia, still excels over JSP.

The ServerSide:

A couple of bitter Coldfusion experts have written an article aimed at convincing Coldfusion developers not to give-in and switch to JSP. They discuss the benefits of CFML and issues with JSP, going so far as to suggest that "JSP 2.0 is an admission of failure of the original JSP spec -- and even that it's struggling to become more like CFML."

ColdFusion MX hanging condition investigation

A new technote was published today regarding Macromedia's assesment, solutions, and workarounds for various circumstances which may lead to the observed symptom most commonly described as "ColdFusion hangs".

There are three known, primary causes of the behavior:

  • Using an IP address instead of machine name when configuring a dsn for sql server
  • Having an intentionally long running Oracle query(s) that share the same connection pool as normally fast running Oracle queries.
  • When Oracle is configured to close idle connections at a shorter interval than CFMX

The article has workarounds for each of these.