How to run ColdFusion on Windows as an application

Here's how to run ColdFusion 5 (and earlier) on Windows as an application rather than a service. This could be useful for testing user permissions when you want to eventually run CF5 as a specific user account in the Service.

C:> cd C:CFusionin

C:> cfserver.exe -DESKTOP

A small window will popup as a gui. To stop ColdFusion you just close the gui.

Stubborn Processes: How to kill ColdFusion 5?

I'm working on a very interesting problem where ColdFusion 5 on RedHat Linux 7.2 won't stop, won't restart, and can't be killed by root. First time I've ever come across this... Only way to stop the processes is to reboot the machine.
I never knew that a situation could arise where root could not kill a running process. Thanks to the help of the folks from the Boston Linux and Unix User Group, BLU, for giving me some possible explanations and troubleshooting steps. Here's the start of the thread archive.
BLU suggests that a buggy device driver (not to be confused with a software ODBC driver) that interacts with the hardware could be in a hung state, and if a process is making a call to that driver when it gets hung up, then the process might not die. A hardware failure might be to blame here.

Troubleshooting steps to gather more details include: