Click for Photo Gallery of the Korean War, 1951 I've recently discovered a link while doing a Google search for my father's name, Gustave Erat. The link is a message board entry from a fellow soldier that trained with my father at Parris Island in the summer of 1951.

"A-1-5 (DEC 1951 - FEB 1953) Message: 10430 - 2000-07-18 Unit: Able Co., 1st Batallion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Comments: Looking for info on those who were in Able Co, 1st Batallion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division. I was in Korea from December 1951 to February 1953. Also looking for men I was in Boot Camp at Parris Island with from July to September 1951 (Platoon 302, 16th Draft), especially Robert Raab (NJ), Gus Erat (MD), Louis Jordan (MD), James Walsh (NY). Keywords: Outpost 3, Whitehorse Hill, Platoon members Kelly, Milewski, Givens, Giuliana, Durken; Platoon leader Raymond Murphy."

This one message provided more factual information about my father's history in Korea than I'd ever previously known before. You see my father was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder when I was a child, and the man I was growing to know faded into a shell of his former self. He died not long after that due to his deteriorating health and inability to care for himself.

He never had the opportunity to describe his experience in the war to me , or the events that led to his disorder.
I do have a small collection of original color slides that he took during the war. Those slides are displayed here.

Gustave Erat was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps on May 21, 1953. His discharge paper reports a 'Total Payment Upon Discharge' of $85.30. He received a Korean Service Medal with 2*(stars), a U.N. Service Medal, and a National Defense Service Medal. He is buried in a small cemetary on German Hill Rd., Dundalk, MD. Gus was 52 when he died.

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