I've finally gotten around to editing the video from our trip to Shenandoah National Park and Luray, Virginia. More details here. I recently acquired a Canon Optura 200MC digital video recorder, and it works very well with Windows XP and Windows Movie Maker (WMM). I did have to buy a separate firewire PCI card (IEEE-1394) from Staples that comes with a digital video firewire cable to connect to the computer from the camera's DV port. Note that it was not immediately clear how to get video off the camera since this is not in any of the 3 manuals that the camera comes with. Yes, I did RTFMs. They seemed to have missed this part. Windows very happily recognized the camera when I first connected, and it automagically launched WMM for me. Very nice! I didn't even need to use the cd's that came with the camera or the firewire pci card. I'll concede to give Microsoft a few bonus points on that, while docking Canon for having failed to tell me how to do all this. Ok, end rant :)

Of the two hour tour through the Luray Caverns, I've distilled a few video clips of some of the highlights, each is between 15 seconds and about a minute.