Having a persnickety install with ColdFusion MX? Here's how you can run the installer to gather additional debug output. There are two additional sources of install debug info, some of which is available from the console and some is available as a debug log.


  • Set an enviroment variable from the active shell: export LAX_DEBUG=true
    Then run the installer in console mode (default)
    This will output to the console, mixing with the usual install text.
  • Start the installer with the argument:
    This will output to {cfroot}/install_debug.txt
    Example: ./coldfusion-61-lin.bin DSAVE_DEBUG_OUTPUT=true
  • Use both the above together to get debug information at the console and install_debug.txt log file.

  • Hold down the Control [Ctrl] key while starting the coldfusion-macr-win.exe installer to generate additional debug info.
  • Run the installer from a cmd window while passing it the argument:
    Example: coldfusion-macr-win.exe DSAVE_DEBUG_OUTPUT=true
    This will generate install_debug.txt in ColdFusion's home directory.

Using a ColdFusion MX 6.1 installation on RedHat 9 with Apache 2.0.40 as an example, here are all the log files created during the install. Note that the Connector log and wsconfig log were created when ColdFusion first started and automatically ran the connector sub-install; this was because I chose to configure a webserver during the earlier console installation process.