Here's a new issue recently uncovered.... CF5 CFGraph errors with "Could not connect to JRun Connector Proxy" in the browser. Occurs when generating 2 or more graphs on same page request on a 2 proc Solaris machine. Typically occurs between the 1st and 3rd graph page request. A process listing for ColdFusion will show that the JRun processes are gone.

Diagnostic Information

  • Browser:
    Could not connect to jrun connector proxy

  • {cfroot}/logs/server.log:
    "Information","1","08/25/03","05:28:16",,"The ColdFusion Application Server started."
    "Warning","11","08/25/03","05:28:42",,"CFGRAPH"", """", ""command error: 0 Error 0 <- [0]"
    "Warning","12","08/25/03","05:28:42",,"CFGRAPH"", """", ""JRun is busy. [1] dropped."

  • {cfroot}/JRun/logs/default-out.log:
    An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.# Program counter=0xf4810bf4
    # Problematic Thread: prio=5 tid=0x2df738 nid=0x10 runnable
Currently logged as bug 53340 ... awaiting review
09/11/03: Hotfix created + confirmed.