Programmatically Restarting ColdFusion MX

Here's a UDF I came up with to restart ColdFusion MX from your code. Say you needed a way to restart, but you're not on the server or can't get a remote desktop on the server, or perhaps you're monitoring getMetricData and you have a criterion for which you might wish to restart CFMX.

In this example, which only works on Windows, I'm using the Windows "AT" scheduler to stop and start the ColdFusion MX server at a specified time in the future. The function takes 2 optional imput parameters:


ColdFusion MX 6.1 DevNet Articles and TechNotes

These new articles have been published on the DevNet part of Macromedia's website, and the list of Technotes are either new or recently modified. These articles follow on the heels of the new CFMX 6.1 (RedSky) release.