Here's a great story of a good installer gone bad. A colleague recently reported that a ColdFusion MX 6.1 Installation on Windows XP went awry, such that the installer launched when double clicked and a progress meter displayed as a GUI, but nothing more. Task Manager showed that a coldfusion-macr-win.exe was running as a process, and as soon as the progress meter reached 100% a process called cf_redsky.exe fired up and the GUI disappeared. The cpu cranked and cranked, and after a good while both processes just disappeared and ColdFusion MX was never installed. This was an update from 6.0, so there was already a C:CFusionMX directory, but that was never touched as all the date/time stamps remained the same. And the registry keys under HKLM/Sftwr/Macromedia weren't modified, and neither were the ones under HKLM/Sftwr/Microsoft/Windows/CurrntVersion/Uninstaller (where I would have expected 2 or 3 CFMX related keys).