When is iPlanet not iPlanet? Answer: When its Netscape

For several years now, the Iplanet webserver has been synonymous with the Netscape Enterprise Server or NES. Nowadays, When someone says that they are running Netscape Enterprise Server, you think "Oh, they mean Iplanet Webserver". In fact, these two brands are most often found joined when referred to by third party software, such as Netscape/iPlanet.

Not long after the Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 days, the brand iPlanet became known as the successor product, as seen with the intoroduction of the iPlanet 4 Webserver and iPlanet 4 LDAP server. As I recall, iPlanet has succeeded Netscape for about 3 years at this time.

Recently, the source trees for Netscape have diverged from iPlanet, and the two webservers are distinct. NES 6.1 SP4 is the first version to diverge. To confuse matters further, iPlanet is now known as the Sun One Web Server, although most continue to call it iPlanet webserver.

Why should you care? Well as a ColdFusion administrator, developer, or user, you'll find that ColdFusion MX does not support Netscape Enterprise Server 6.x, although it does support Sun One Webserver formerly known as iPlanet 6.x webserver. In fact, once NES 6.1 is configured for handling ColdFusion requests, it immediately crashes upon startup, indicated by the Window's "Send Error Report" pop-up. From the System Requirements, ColdFusion MX 6.1 supports, among others, the following webserver versions:

  • Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6
  • Sun One Webserver 6.x (formerly Iplanet 6.x)

If that's not confusing enough, the wsconfig output in wsconfig.log seems to indicate otherwise, although clearly this is a form of a documentation bug. Here's a snippet from the log:

09/08 13:25:58 info Macromedia JRun 4 (Build 63961)

09/08 13:25:58 debug Created file C:CFusionMX untimelibwsconfigjrunwin32.dll

09/08 13:25:59 debug Found JRun server default at

09/08 13:26:00 debug Netscape Enterprise Server/iPlanet 6.1SP4 is supported


- Sun One / iPlanet
- Netscape Enterprise Server
- ColdFusion MX 6.1 System Requirements
- ColdFusion MX 6.1 System Requirements [pdf]

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