Running the ColdFusion IDE HomeSite+ on Red Hat 9 Linux

HomeSite+ on Red Hat 9 Linux using WINEWith all of the recent discussion of ColdFusion IDEs for Linux, such as Rob Rohan's new Eclipse Plugins, I thought why not try to just run the most popular IDE for ColdFusion, HomeSite+, on Linux?

Although I used to use VMWare on Linux to run the Windows OS and Windows programs in the emulator, this was my first time trying to use WINE. WINE is a recursive acronym like GNU, meaning WINE Is Not an Emulator. This means you can run (some) Windows programs without having the overhead of also running the Windows OS.

I first read the HowTo on, and then found some more useful instructions on Frank's Corner. After having installed the latest rpm for WINE, appropriate for Red Hat 9 and glibc 2.3, I followed the instructions on Frank's Corner, except that in place of his Dreamweaver MX, I used HomeSite+ 5.1. As you may know, the HomeSite+ 5.x full version comes on the Dreamweaver MX CDs with your purchase. When installing HomeSite+, use your DWMX serial number.

In the end, it works almost flawlessly. I'm able to launch HomeSite+, configure and connect to the ColdFusion MX 6.1 on the local machine (haven't tried a remote CF Server, but I don't expect problems with that). It looks and feels much the same as when running natively on Windows. The most noticeable distraction is that there is an ugly lag in the display when resizing the window.

I haven't tried launching a browser from iniside HomeSite, but WINE provides a "winebrowser" in Program Files which is accessible to HomeSite and launches Mozilla in turn. I'll repost when I try that out.


CFIF: When You Say 'No', Do You Really Mean 'Yes'?

ColdFusion 4.5/5/MX may evaluate "0a" or "12a" to be a time equating to 0 ( 12:00 AM ) when you're not expecting it to do so. The following outputs "YES YES":

[CFIF "0" eq "0a"> YES [CFELSE> NO [/CFIF>

[CFIF "0" eq "12a"> YES [CFELSE> NO [/CFIF>

Security Patch Available for ColdFusion MX Sandbox Security

Just released, this Security Bulletin and patch on the usage of Java objects in a security sandbox, a subject that has been fervently discussed on various lists and forums.

ColdFusion MX Security Bulletin MPSB04-01

"ColdFusion MX 6.1 sandbox security can be compromised by creating Java objects without using CreateObject() or CFOBJECT even if these features are disabled. The sandbox cannot be compromised externally, but programmers operating in a shared, hosted environment could be vulnerable."

Configuring the Walmart Microtel Special as a Linux/Windows Workstation

Last summer I purchased another pc system while I was considering setting up my own Linux webserver to run off my aDSL line. I decided to try it on the cheap, so I read a review of the Walmart special, a Microtel SYSMAR417 PC with Lycoris Linux OS & AMD Duron 1.2GHz and 128MB RAM, for just $199, and went for it. I was skeptical about the Lycoris Linux OS becuase I've been using Red Hat since RH5 in 1998, but I thought I'd give it a chance. Just as I was starting to admire the Lycoris graphical interface, I was prompted for a some kind of registration and there was something about a fee. Well, its been a while now, and I really don't recall exactly what turned me off about Lycoris, but it was then that I grabbed my Redhat 9 CDs and felt a sense of relief about the time I got to Disk Druid to reformat and partition it myself.


Cringely and Edwards: On Why Outsourcing is Bad for Our Economy

I'm a frequent reader of Robert Cringely's weekly tech column on I value them for the educational value as much as the humor and sarcasm. His latest article was very informative, and I learned quite a bit more about what I thought I knew about outsourcing.† Bob is predicting that this will be one of the important issues in this year's Presidential election.† This week's article is:

Thick as a (Campaign) Plank
U.S. Leaders Either Don't Understand or Prefer Not to Understand the IT Outsourcing Crisis, So Here's the Cliff Notes Version (Full Article)

In a recent Boston Globe special section, the Primary Source,†on the current cohort of Democratic Presedential Candidates, I discovered that this is already†one of John Edwards platforms, in that he would end tax breaks†for companies that move jobs overseas.† Go John!† (I'm actually a big fan of a Kerry/Edwards ticket as the Democratic nominee and future President and Vice President).†

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send a Blog Right Over

If you're as fascinated about the Mars rovers and planetory exploration as I am, then you'll definitely want to check out or even subscribe to the Mars Rover Mission Blog.† This blog, by James Roberts of Adelaide, Australia, documents the adventures of Spirit and Opportunity, while utilizing Moveable Type (the blog, not the rovers ;-).†

One gem that I discovered on his site was a link to a 360o Mars Full Screen Panorama in QuickTime VR.

CF_MKVDK: Programmatically Index Documents with Verity's Utility mkvdk

Unofficial Workaround for CFMX Crashes When Indexing PDF documents on Solaris.

If you've ever been interested in checking out the Verity tool "mkvdk" or if you are currently experiencing JVM crashes when indexing PDF files on Solaris with CFMX 6.0 or 6.1, then you may want to have a look at a custom tag cf_mkvdkcreated as replacement for using CFINDEX.

In the ColdFusion documentation the mkvdk utility is described, briefly, as:

"The mkvdk utility is an indexing application, provided with other Verity utilities, that you can use to create and maintain collections. It is a command-line utility that you can use within other applications or shell scripts to provide more sophisticated scheduling and other capabilities."


Workaround for ColdFusion MX 6.1 Bug: wsconfig.exe - Entry Point Not Found

Update: This information is also available as a TechNote on

ColdFusionMX 6.1 on Windows 2003 only may experience an error when launching the web server configurator GUI (wsconfig.exe). The error is: The procedure entry point JVM_GetClassAccessFlags@8 could not be located in the dynamic link library jvm.dll. Wsconfig fails at this time with a pop-up alert like this:

[More] A Redesign Done Right ... or, How To Eat Your Own Dog Food

A CBS MarketWatch article cites a Forrester report that gave the†very high marks†for the redesign of the website. From the MarketWatch article:

"Macromedia (MACR) today announced that earned the highest score ever measured from Forrester Research. The Macromedia website excelled in each of the review's four categories: value, navigation, presentation, and trust. Forrester Research documented its site analysis in the report, ' A Redesign Done Right'"

See the Forrester report here.

Documentation Error: CFSTAT -h -p

The CFMX documentation states a list of switches that can be used on the monitoring utility known as cfstat. There are two switches for host and port which were never implemented and do not work.


Web server hostname (localhost is the default).


Web server listening port number (80 is the default).

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