I'm a frequent reader of Robert Cringely's weekly tech column on pbs.org. I value them for the educational value as much as the humor and sarcasm. His latest article was very informative, and I learned quite a bit more about what I thought I knew about outsourcing.† Bob is predicting that this will be one of the important issues in this year's Presidential election.† This week's article is:

Thick as a (Campaign) Plank
U.S. Leaders Either Don't Understand or Prefer Not to Understand the IT Outsourcing Crisis, So Here's the Cliff Notes Version (Full Article)

In a recent Boston Globe special section, the Primary Source,†on the current cohort of Democratic Presedential Candidates, I discovered that this is already†one of John Edwards platforms, in that he would end tax breaks†for companies that move jobs overseas.† Go John!† (I'm actually a big fan of a Kerry/Edwards ticket as the Democratic nominee and future President and Vice President).†