Last summer I purchased another pc system while I was considering setting up my own Linux webserver to run off my aDSL line. I decided to try it on the cheap, so I read a review of the Walmart special, a Microtel SYSMAR417 PC with Lycoris Linux OS & AMD Duron 1.2GHz and 128MB RAM, for just $199, and went for it. I was skeptical about the Lycoris Linux OS becuase I've been using Red Hat since RH5 in 1998, but I thought I'd give it a chance. Just as I was starting to admire the Lycoris graphical interface, I was prompted for a some kind of registration and there was something about a fee. Well, its been a while now, and I really don't recall exactly what turned me off about Lycoris, but it was then that I grabbed my Redhat 9 CDs and felt a sense of relief about the time I got to Disk Druid to reformat and partition it myself.