Documentation Error: CFSTAT -h -p

The CFMX documentation states a list of switches that can be used on the monitoring utility known as cfstat. There are two switches for host and port which were never implemented and do not work.


Web server hostname (localhost is the default).


Web server listening port number (80 is the default).

Official Word on ColdFusion Support for Red Hat Free Versions

A new Technote spells out the official support policy for ColdFusion on Red Hat 7.x, 8, and Fedora.† I don't have my laywer hat on today, so I won't bother trying to rephrase it here in legalease, but if this is nagging at you then take a look.

The need for an official word on what to do with all those Red Hats lying around is due to the†recent changes†in†the Red Hat support policy, clearing the way for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.† As you may know, they rang in the new year with an†end-of-life for†support of RH 7 and 8, and will do the same with RH 9 later this year.† The new free Linux offering from Red Hat called Fedora will not be supported by Red Hat

Technote on Issue with -server Switch in CFMX/JRun

A new Technote this week on the "-server" switch in JRun's jvm.config file, although many have already been bitten by this and have figured out the solution on their own.

The problem is that when you install CFMX for JRun, the second option in the list of 3 installation modes, a "-server" argument is passed to the jvm in the jvm.config file, and this must always be the first argument. In CFMX for JRun, to make any changes to the classpath, library path, or argument list you must use the JRun Management Console rather than the ColdFusion Administrator (as would be done in CFMX Enterprise or Standard). However, the JMC does not take care to preserve the "-server" argument as the first one when the jvm is reconfigured, and the argument will end up further down the line. The result is an error:

Unrecognized option: -server Could not create the Java virtual machine.

This occurs when making any change to the jvm configuration through the JMC, although the Technote only points out one specific type of change. The solution is simply to edit the jvm.config file manually to move the -server switch to be the first in the argument list as the Technote points out.