I've added a referer analyzer to view a sorted list of refering web pages that linked to TalkingTree.com. This analyzer also uses the GetGoogleKeywords() custom function from CFLIB.org to parse out the search terms from Google searches results linking to TalkingTree.com. A simple modification to the custom function expands the usefulness of GetGoogleKeywords() so that it also works on referers from search.yahoo.com, busca.yahoo.com, searchaol.aol.com, and search.msn.com. I've noticed that some search referers from AOL have the search arguments encrypted. For example, this referer uses the url parameter encquery= (encrypted query?) instead of query=, and the encrypted search argument 2440E0D60AB5421DE7A6E4387799509A when unencrypted on the AOL website is for webcam and ma.