Free Eclipse IDEFree Eclipse Plug-in for ColdFusion MX from Rob Rohan

I've finally had the opportunity to check out Rob Rohan's cfeclipse plug-in, which allows for ColdFusion MX development in the Eclipse IDE. I'm very impressed with the feature set, including tag insight, function insight, color coding, and helpful hints during mouseovers [screenshot]. This means I'll probably forego using HomeSite+ on Linux using WINE, which isn't as flawless as it could be so far, but does provide convenience for creatures of habit used to relying on the HomeSite+ toolbars and RDS.

The Eclipse IDE runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and *nix, loads quickly, and is much more aestetically pleasing than Sun One Studio (Community Edition). Eclipse and the cfeclipse plug-in are free. Great work Rob! >bowing in reverence<

Update: Spike has extended this blog with his review of Eclipse and the cfeclipse plugin in the comments.