Configuring Flex Samples Application for ColdFusion MX

Macromedia Flex has gone live tonight [CNET News], and I greatly anticipate working with this awesome product going forward. One of my first Flex Technotes addresses how to configure the Flex Samples application for ColdFusion MX. The Flex installation comes with the basic Flex war file for deployment to a J2EE server, and it also comes with an jaw-dropping suite of pre-built Flex sample applications like the Flex Explorer and the Flex Store. For those interested in running Flex, Flex Samples, and ColdFusion MX all on the same JRun server instance, here's how to do it: TechNote 19258

Flex Bloggers include:

I'll be contributing with my own Flex blog category as well.

Welcome Flex!

Its just past midnight, and while checking the Macromedia website I found that Macromedia Flex has just been publically launched. Welcome Flex!

From the Macromedia Flex page, Flex is described as:

The Macromedia Flex presentation server offers a familiar, standards-based programming framework and powerful set of components for creating a rich, responsive presentation tier for enterprise Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

CNET News describes Flex as:

Flex, formerly code-named Royale, allows developers to create scripts in common languages such as Java and .Net and to run them on top of Web applications. Flex breaks them down into a Macromedia dialect of extensible markup language (XML) that can be read by the Flash Player, the widespread Flash client commonly used to spice up Web pages.

Libby Freligh provides an Overview of Flex in a Breeze presentation here, and Ben Forta provides an update for the ColdFusion Community in a Breeze presentation here.

I'm pleased to see that my first Flex Technotes also went live tonight:

  • [ TechNote 19260 ] Protection of MXML Source Code using pre-compiled SWF files

  • [ TechNote 19258 ] Configuring the Flex Samples application for ColdFusion MX

Macromedia to Port Products to Wine

I'm a little late to catch this, but while once again working on getting HomeSite+ 5.5 and Dreamweaver MX 2004 to run under WINE on Fedora Core 1 Linux (see previous blog), I came across a very interesting news article from the recent Flash Forward conference regarding WINE.