Adult Bone Marrow Stems Cells Don't Mend Broken Hearts

Two recent reports in the journal Nature [ article ] agree that adult stem cells derived from bone marrow do not effectively repair damaged heart tissue. These 2004 reports contradict early indications of success in 2001 [ article ].

The findings may indicate a further need for the derivation of new embroyonic stem cell lines to treat heart disease, perhaps throwing a wrench into the conservative ban by the Bush administration on public funding of research which utilizes embryonic stem cells from new cell lines [ past blog ].

See how embryonic stem cells are created in the lab in this Wired Magazine article from January 2004.

Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI): A Partnership for Computational Systems Biology

Bio-IT World reported that the University of Cambridge, England and MIT have teamed up to form the Cambridge-MIT Institute [ article ] [ website ]. The partnership will tackle "Next Generation Drug Discovery" though the application of computer modeling to Systems Biology. Systems Biology attempts to look at the big picture of the human body as a complex system, rather than the isolated context of a single gene or protein.

See also the January, 2004 Bio-IT World interview with Dr. Leroy Hood, founder of the Institute for Systems Biology.

Continuing Education at M.I.T. Professional Institute

Did you know MIT is offering continuing eduction courses this summer? The MIT Professional Institute offers the categories of Bioinformatics, Computer Engineering, Physics/Astronomy, and System Design amoung others. The courses each run a few days to a week, and generally cost about $2-3000.

MIT Professional Institute Summer Session