Collaborative Meetings with Macromedia Breeze.  [CLICK]

My coworkers and I held a team meeting today using Breeze Live, where the subject was actually how to use Breeze and Breeze Live. I've previously worked with others far away to diagnose technical problems on their end, and using the screen sharing feature allowed me to see the exact problem. Breeze is a great way to have a meeting when many of the attendees aren't in one location. It works over port 80 (the standard HTTP or web browsing port), so that usally circumvents problems with corporate firewalls.

I just thought I'd share a screen shot of what it looks like when starting a Breeze meeting. Note that video is optional.

Breeze is described on the Macromedia website as:

"With Breeze, more than half a billion web users can immediately experience engaging online meetings and rich content. Using the ubiquitous Macromedia Flash Player, Breeze delivers instant web meetings without requiring special plug-ins or media players."