Towson State University Beta Beta Beta 1993. [L-R] Steven Erat, Paul ?, Tom ?, Wendy Berry, Lori Losh, ?, Emily Schmitt, Kim MacAuthurTSU Beta Beta Beta 1993 Officers - Emily Schmit, Lori Losh, Kim MacAuthur, Steven Erat, Dave Shuppert

Digging through my archives this weekend, I came across these photos from my junior year in college at Towson State University, Towson Maryland. These are members of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society. The left picture was taken April 2, 1993 at the Initiation Ceremony for new members, and the photo includes the 1992 and 1993 officers. The photo on the right is of the 1993 officers.

Towson State University
BBB Biological Honor Society
Initiation Ceremony
April 2, 1993