I've recently seen a little discussion on CFTalk about importing SSL certificates into the JVM keystore used by the JVM under ColdFusion MX in order to connect to SSL enabled resources, such as LDAP servers or Web Servers while using either the tags CFLDAP, CFHTTP, or CFINVOKE. I've also found myself having to do this for the first time recently. During that process I stumbled on what turned out to be a bug in the JVM 1.4.2-b28 that ships with ColdFusion MX 6.1 by default.

I saved the SSL certificate to my ColdFusion directory runtime/jre/lib/security, as shown in this image. When using that JVM's keytool utility, described here in the Sun documentation, to import the certificate, I received an error indicating that the certificate which I exported from the SSL website was not valid, and I knew that was incorrect as someone else had just imported the same certificate their machine.