HomeSite+ on Red Hat 9 Linux using WINEWith all of the recent discussion of ColdFusion IDEs for Linux, such as Rob Rohan's new Eclipse Plugins, I thought why not try to just run the most popular IDE for ColdFusion, HomeSite+, on Linux?

Although I used to use VMWare on Linux to run the Windows OS and Windows programs in the emulator, this was my first time trying to use WINE. WINE is a recursive acronym like GNU, meaning WINE Is Not an Emulator. This means you can run (some) Windows programs without having the overhead of also running the Windows OS.

I first read the HowTo on http://www.winehq.org, and then found some more useful instructions on Frank's Corner. After having installed the latest rpm for WINE, appropriate for Red Hat 9 and glibc 2.3, I followed the instructions on Frank's Corner, except that in place of his Dreamweaver MX, I used HomeSite+ 5.1. As you may know, the HomeSite+ 5.x full version comes on the Dreamweaver MX CDs with your purchase. When installing HomeSite+, use your DWMX serial number.

In the end, it works almost flawlessly. I'm able to launch HomeSite+, configure and connect to the ColdFusion MX 6.1 on the local machine (haven't tried a remote CF Server, but I don't expect problems with that). It looks and feels much the same as when running natively on Windows. The most noticeable distraction is that there is an ugly lag in the display when resizing the window.

I haven't tried launching a browser from iniside HomeSite, but WINE provides a "winebrowser" in Program Files which is accessible to HomeSite and launches Mozilla in turn. I'll repost when I try that out.

WINE creates a hidden directory in your home directory called ".wine", and in that you'll find the "c" drive containing "Program Files/Macromedia/HomeSite+/HomeSite+.exe". To start HomeSite+ you must cd to that location and run "wine HomeSite+.exe". To save yourself the trouble, you can run a script such as this which also suppresses the terminal output and runs in the background (otherwise a lot of uninteresting stuff gets written back to the terminal).

I tried the same procedure on with Dreamweaver MX but that errored out regarding the WINE subsystem, whereas Dreamweaver MX 2004 actually complained with a pop-up alert to notify me that it was not supported on that OS (this may be due to the default fake file system which is set to "win95", and DWMX 2004 may be ok with a fake c:, but not ok on Windows 95). I was similarly unsuccessful running any version of HomeSite+ or DWMX on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora Core 1. They programs would install, but would not run. (See my March 28th update, where I installed HS on Fedora)

If you have any tips then please let me know!