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Working the software industry for going on five years now, I've managed to become as active as a sloth, able to sit in one place for up to 10 or 12 hours while running on just coffee and snackfood. To help fight this downward spiral of deteriorating physical fitness, I've decided to start biking to work a few days a week, weather permitting.

Today was my first day biking to work and the weather was absolutely fantastic. It was a crisp fall morning in New England, with leaf littered roads and a trace of frost. I carefully mapped out what I believe is the shortest route between Concord Center and the Macromedia office in Newton near the Riverside T Station. In total, its 13 miles one way, and with the many little hills its a pretty good workout. The ride home was in the dark now that we are approaching the autumnal equinox and the shortest day in the year, and we haven't even turned the clocks back yet. Leaving at 6pm, it was already rather dim outside, and after the first 3 or 4 miles it was completely dark. I've got the bike equipped with two headlights -- one positioned as a high beam, the other low -- and two flashing tail lights. Traffic along the route was moderate and tolerable. I didn't really have any problems with vehicles passing too closely, and when crossing intersections its best to assert some authority by riding closer to the middle of the lane and using hand signals. I think drivers keep a little distance and respect you by doing this, and it doesn't hurt to have a bright yellow bike jacket!

After 26 miles round trip today, I'm pretty worn out. A few days rest and I'll do it all over again. Two pounds down and 38 more to go :-)