Free Sybase ASE Express Edition for Linux

Sybase is running a promo for Linux users. Sybase ASE Express Edition for Linux is reported to be free. There are some restrictions on usage such as for CPU and memory, but no purchase is required.

"... the first enterprise-class commercial database that can take you from pilot to deployment for zero dollars and zero risk."

Check it out.

Tom Jordahl on CFMX and DNS caching

Tom Jordahl, Macromedia Server Development Engineer, just blogged some very interesting information about how the tag CFHTTP caches DNS information until the server is restarted, so should the DNS change then CFHTTP won't know about it.

This is the first time I've seen Tom's blog, and I haven't seen anyone else mention it, so I think its worth my own blog entry to help point people to it. Other than being perhaps the best ColdFusion Engineer at Macromedia, Tom is the best Unix/Linux guru, and he's also on the W3C Web Services Description Working Group.

Check it out.

Damon Cooper, Director of ColdFusion Engineering, blogged about this too...