View a photo gallery of Concord in Autumn of 2004
Concord Massachusetts was the first town I settled in when I moved to New England in 1994. I was living in Boston after having first arrived to this area, and my first train ride out of the city was a weekend visit to Concord. It didn't take very long before I realized that Concord was the town I had to live in. It felt like I had fallen into a living Norman Rockwell painting.

Many years have passed, and although I was away for a while, I've lived here for the better part of these last 10 years. I've wandered through the Walden woods, canoed long stretches of Sudbury River, shuffled through Vanderhoof Hardware and the Concord Bookstore, and spent many days reading the many headstones throughout Sleepy Hollow Cemetary. Concord's residents are devoted to maintaining and celebrating the rich history that saturates every corner, and the town an amazingly friendly and peaceful place to live or visit. The beauty of the place through winter and summer has inspired me to practice poetry and photography.

Join me now with this walk through Concord on this cool October afternoon for a glimpse of that beauty that I've grown to love and the history that I continue to learn. Visit front porches decorated with jack o' lanterns, and survey the colorful hues of sugar maples and pin oaks.

Concord Photo Gallery

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