So I'm trying to add a print feature to my blog using XSL and CSS to transform the blog entries into a clean page with a minimum of extraneous logos or text or banners. This should work very well with CFXML_Blog because all of the blog data is already in XML files just waiting for a client-side transformation outside of CF altogether.

However, I noticed that when I use the XSL feature to turn off auto-escaping of HTML tags in the CDATA sections, that feature works in MSIE, but not in Firefox Preview Release. For example bold text appears bold when the text is rendered through XSL in MSIE, but I just see the STRONG tags in Firefox.

They syntax to turn off the auto-escaping in XSL, is for example:

"yes" select="testo">

If anyone can help me get this feature working in Firefox, then please let me know!

Also, since I'm looking to have a client-side solution in XSL without relying on the serverside transformation with ColdFusion's xmltransform() function, I'm looking for an XSL technique that would allow me to format dates. For example, the DATA field for each blog entry (CFXML_Blog was first written by Italians, so DATA means date) has the format of 20041006, for example, to represent October 6, 2004. But how can I do a client side transformation that formats 20041006 to 10/06/2004? Again, any help is appreciated :-)

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