To convert my former blog from CFXML_Blog to BlogCFC, I wrote a script to import the blog and comments data from one to the other. Additionally, I've written a script that can be used to catch incoming requests for the old blog URL format and convert it to BlogCFC styled querystring parameters. Anyone is free to use it. Download here.

For more on my initial experience converting CFXML_Blog to BlogCFC with an Aura skin, see this blog entry.

This script does just that... It imports CFXML_Blog blogs into BlogCFC. Run once from the blog root, then move out of the docroot. Instructions are in the comments, but take special note that you must edit the categoryExists method in blog.cfc to allow public access rather than private to run this import script, and then change the access level back to private when finished.

Should be cfincluded in the Application.cfm to provide URL rewrites to map requests for CFXML_Blog querystring combinations to the equivalent querystring in BlogCFC. This way links from search engines and other sites remain intact. For example, it will map /blog/index.cfm?data=20041005 to /blog/index.cfm?mode=day&day=05&month=10&year=2004