If consuming webservices from ColdFusion MX while specifying a wsdl location that resides on an SSL enabled website, the code may produce the error below if the certificate authority of the SSL website is not already trusted by inclusion in the cacerts certificate store file.

To correct the problem, import the certificate into the cacerts file used by the JVM under ColdFusion MX, using the keytool utility.

For more on using the keytool, refer to my earlier blog for a similar problem with CFHTTP and SSL websites.

Could not generate stub objects for web service invocation.
javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException: peer not authenticated It is recommended that you use a web browser to retrieve and examine the requested WSDL document for correctness. If the requested WSDL document can't be retrieved or it is dynamically generated, it is likely that the target web service has programming errors.

Stack Trace
javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException: peer not authenticated
at com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.SSLSessionImpl.getPeerCertificateChain(DashoA6275)
at HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.sendRequest(HTTPConnection.java:2949)
at HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.handleRequest(HTTPConnection.java:2767)