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What follows is an excerpt from a personal letter to a friend in Spain, made shortly after my return home from Mexico:

[August, 1999] For my trip to the south of Mexico I used the budget travel guide "Let's Go". When I arrived at the airport in Mexico City, I found that my luggage was lost, but I was so tired that I was having difficulty thinking& even in English! That night I went to a hotel where my reservations were made one week in advance and a clerk at the desk told me that I did not have a reservation. He denied that that I paid money, and told me that there was another hotel across the street. After some arguing, someone helped me out. The clerk finally returned my money, 130 Pesos and I left. It was clear that this clerk was lying and wanted to keep my money, and he immediately rented the room to someone else.


A couple of Unix problems installing/starting ColdFusion MX

Here's two bugs I've just logged...

1) Using the korn shell (ksh) for a console install of ColdFusion MX will fail when it gets to the password step. The installer tries to do some tricks to hide the password from displaying, and the console "freaks out". Use sh or bash instead.

2) On Solaris, setting the ColdFusion user, i.e. nobody, to have a login shell of /bin/false will prevent ColdFusion MX from starting. Setting the user login shell to /bin/false effectively prevents a real user login for that account. This is a common practice to increase security for server daemons.

bash-2.03# usermod -s /bin/false nobody
bash-2.03# cat /etc/passwd | grep nobody
bash-2.03# /opt/coldfusionmx/bin/coldfusion start
Starting ColdFusion MX...
There may be a few moments before you can access the ColdFusion MX administrator. This is normal.
There has been an error starting ColdFusion MX, please check the logs.

TalkingTree now using BlogCFC and Aura

My blogging frequency has recently dipped while I've been building a new blog that incorporates Ray Camden's supreme blogware, BlogCFC, and the Aura skin available from Leorex.

Some of you may have noticed growing pains this morning and last night as I pushed the new blog live, so thanks for hanging in there while the CSS glitches were worked out when I noticed some unexpected issues in MSIE after having done the majority of development with Firefox.

Blending the Aura skin with BlogCFC was suprisingly easy.


How to connect ColdFusion MX to MySQL 4.1 database

UPDATE: This article has been published as a technote, and later updated for MySQL 4 and 5.

Having not gone to Macromedia MAX this year, I'm glued to the tube this evening watching the 2004 presidential election results. Dan Rather's pontifications, prognostications, and random musings are starting my make my eyes glaze over, so to remedy that, I'll take a quick break here to share some information about how to connect to MySQL 4.1 from ColdFusion MX server.


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