Here are some excerpts from a discussion on CFTalk-Linux regarding memory utilization when using the CFEXECUTE tag on Linux/Unix. Many reported to have observed very high memory usage whlie using CFEXECUTE, and it suspected that ColdFusion (via the JVM and the System) calls fork().

This got me thinking, so I carried out some quick, but careful tests on Linux and Solaris while monitoring memory. I did not observe any significant impact on memory utilization, but that is not to say that the reports are wrong. The key is finding out what is different between the server behavior reported in the field and the server behavior observed in these tests.

I was wondering if anyone (Steve) could give me some more information about the performance of
> cfexecute on Linux with MX? I was told that the cfexecute tag is implemented using fork() and
> that each call can consume 100's of MB of memory? Is there any truth to this claim?