I've added a referer analyzer to view a sorted list of refering web pages that linked to TalkingTree.com. This analyzer also uses the GetGoogleKeywords() custom function from CFLIB.org to parse out the search terms from Google searches results linking to TalkingTree.com. A simple modification to the custom function expands the usefulness of GetGoogleKeywords() so that it also works on referers from search.yahoo.com, busca.yahoo.com, searchaol.aol.com, and search.msn.com. I've noticed that some search referers from AOL have the search arguments encrypted. For example, this referer uses the url parameter encquery= (encrypted query?) instead of query=, and the encrypted search argument 2440E0D60AB5421DE7A6E4387799509A when unencrypted on the AOL website is for webcam and ma.

atching referers has become one of my favorite past times (yeah, I gotta get out more!). I've found that there are some referers from pages that have no reference to TalkingTree.com at all, and the URL for those referers tend to contain vulgar references. I wonder if they are some type of spam or other advertising trick that are aimed at those websites that monitor refering pages and provide links to them as I do. For this reason, I have a list of referers which I filter out so that they do not display in the viewer.

I also enjoy watching the search terms used in Google. Often people land on TalkingTree.com due to the poor use of search arguments. When search arguments don't use quoted phrases or boolean operators (+ -), then the results will contain pages that do have those terms in the page, but not necessarily in the order you were hoping for. For example someone recently searched for wrong magic number solaris 9 and got my website even though there is nothing on this site refering to that search string. A better search might have been "wrong magic number" +"solaris 9", with quoted substrings and using a boolean operator to join the two. Without the boolean the quoted search would be the equivalent of "wrong magic number" OR "solaris 9", which has two unique results mixed together.

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