Everyone's talking about outsourcing IT jobs in the USA to overseas locations, so to follow on my previous blog, here some more thoughful commentaries on this phenomenon.

Robert Cringely

In a series of Pulpit articles, Bob describes outsourcing as a natural dynamic in the evolution of capitalistic cultures. In short, he says that in the life cycle of a technology or industry, outsourcing occurs while in the shadow of anticipation of the Next Big Thing.

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Wired Magazine

This article in Wired provides a very compelling argument in a similar vein as Bob Cringely. It tells the story of the highly skilled workforce in India in a global context, while also hinting at the arrival of the Next Big Thing.

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Boston Linux and Unix

Several threads this month challenge the idea of the Next Big Thing, at least what I've read so far. One contributor comments:

"I went to hear Mr. Premji speak at MIT a few months ago. I asked him what IT pros in the US were supposed to do, since it is becoming harder to even have a chance to compete for our jobs, and he said that we should train into a better skill set. I told him I can program in 5 languages, am fluent with 5 OS's, what exactly was I supposed to train into?"

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From a Reuter's report on Yahoo! today: Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry will propose a broad change in international tax laws on Friday designed to discourage companies from shifting jobs to foreign countries.

From an AP report on ABCNews today: John Kerry, promising to create 10 million jobs and keep them in America, said Friday he would cut corporate taxes by 5 percent and eliminate tax loopholes that push jobs overseas.

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