Discussion of How the GPL Applies to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Repost of thread on Boston Linux and Unix Discussion List

Thread 1: Because I signed up for the Redhat update service last year, and Redhat 9 support will end this month, Redhat has given me access to the Redhat Enterprise Linux and Redhat Workstation Linux binaries and source. I'm looking for someone who can examine the licenses and tell me which portions of this software are GPL and which are not.


Flex Store Application: A Web Service From ID to Implementation

I'd like to repost my answer to a Forums question about Web Service mappings in Flex. This shows the relationship of a web service alias the Flex Store application to the class that implements the web service.


How does the sample flexstore identify the web service location? I've traced it to the flex-config.xml file, under the white list named service "FlexStoreCatalogWS. I guess my question is how, and to what, does {context.root}/services/CatalogWS?wsdl get resolved?