CFTalk - J2EE SessionID with CFMX6.1 and Applets

I'm reposting a response to a CFTalk thread because my reply was too long and got bounced back with a warning that I should have truncated previous messages in the thread, although I did.

CFTalk Thread: J2EE SessionID with CFMX6.1 and Applets


Using Remote MS Access Database on Windows Share as CFMX Datasource

To configure a ColdFusion MX datasource for a Microsoft Access database on a remote Windows share, the ColdFusion MX ODBC Server and ColdFusion MX ODBC Agent services in the Windows Services control panel must be run as a valid domain account instead of the local System account. The ColdFusion MX Application Server service can remain running as the local System account and does not need to run as the domain account.


JRun Closed Connection

If you've noticed an increase in the frequency of "JRun Closed Connection" errors since having migrated to ColdFusion MX 6.1, then you may want to know one factor that is very likely contributing to that increase.

Speaking generally, web requests from the client browser are recieved by the web server and passed to the JRun webserver connector stub. The webserver connector stub communicates with the JRun server on the JNDI port over TCP/IP, typically port 51010. The web request is sent from the connector to the JRun server, and the JRun server will either assign the request to a JVM thread in the running request pool for immediate execution or JRun will assign the request to a thread in queued request pool if the running pool is full.


Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

Click for larger image.  SQL Server Authentication Configuration

When attempting to establish a SQL Server datasource from ColdFusion MX 6.1 while using the default JDBC driver (DataDirect 3.2) for Microsoft SQL Server, you may encounter the following error message if the database security on the database itself is configured to permit "Windows only" authentication:


Dual Boot Fedora Core 2 and Win2k: Disk Read Error

Welcome to my Linux problem of the day! I've finally gotten around to installing Fedora Core 2 Linux on the second hard drive of my Walmart Microtel workstation deluxe, which is configured to boot Windows 2000 off the first disk... well at least it was configured to boot Windows.

Starting the Windows partition from the Grub boot interface fails with the text:

Booting 'Windows 2000'rootnoverify (hd0,0)chainloader +1A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart


IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences Newsletter

I've just got my email notification that the quarterly IBM Life Sciences Newsletter is out. Here's the new articles produced for this newsletter. Some of them require that you register (free) with IBM first before viewing...

Information You Can Use

o New report forecasts seven key technologies that will revolutionize pharmaceutical industry by 2010

o Complimentary Seminars on Clinical Genomics

o Web Lecture: "Corporate Information Asset Management"

Customers and Business Partners in the News

o IBM and Affymetrix team to deliver tools to accelerate information-based medicine

o Axeda and IBM: Keeping the life sciences enterprise up and running with a total service solution for device relationship management

o Matrix Science and IBM deliver affordable turnkey package for high-throughput protein identification

IBM Life Sciences in the News

o IBM Announces University Grid Computing Projects

o IBM Launches New Software for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Sharing the Wealth with Google's GMail Invitations

I'm one of the few who managed to obtain a Google email (gmail) account early on, although I chose to bid on mine through eBay. It seems that now I am able to spread the joy to up to 7 more people. If you would like to enjoy Google's new email service which includes 1GB (thats gigabytes) of free space, drop me a line and i will send the invite over to you free of charge. It's first come, first serve..

8pm Update: All extra GMail account invitations have been handed out, and I've no more left. Better luck next time :)

Update 6/17: More invitations to hand out... Google just doled out many more, so drop me a line.

See You at CFUN04?

Steven Erat ... See you at CFUN04!One week from today I'll be heading from Boston to Washington D.C. & Rockville for the annual CFUN conference, appropriately named CFUN04 this year. Its an 8 hour drive on a Friday night, and the return home won't be until after midnight on Sunday, but this ColdFusion conference is definitely worth it and its growing every year. I've gone for the past 3 years, and I've written the game show questions for CF Jeopardy in 2002 and CF Celebrity Squares in 2003 used in that part of the event .

See you there!

Updated Version of CFXML_Blog 1.2

Several friends have recently expressed an interest in starting their own blogs, so naturally I recommended CFXML_Blog as the blog software. CFXML_Blog maintains its data in XML files, so no database is required, and it has many themes, a configuration interface, is unicode compliant, and much more. In fact, uses an updated and customized version of CFXML_Blog v1.2.

While helping them out, I found that the latest CFXML_Blog 1.5 Beta 3 version remained sufficiently problematic, and even though I would have liked to have helped out with improvements to that version, I don't have the time to acquaint myself with the new (unfinished) features in it. So instead, I've made many new improvements to the CFXML_Blog 1.2 because I'm already quite familiar with the internals of that version.

The recent improvements include:


Parkhill Pizza Has the Best Cheesesteaks!

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