Dual Boot Fedora Core 2 and Win2k: Disk Read Error

Welcome to my Linux problem of the day! I've finally gotten around to installing Fedora Core 2 Linux on the second hard drive of my Walmart Microtel workstation deluxe, which is configured to boot Windows 2000 off the first disk... well at least it was configured to boot Windows.

Starting the Windows partition from the Grub boot interface fails with the text:

Booting 'Windows 2000'rootnoverify (hd0,0)chainloader +1A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart


IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences Newsletter

I've just got my email notification that the quarterly IBM Life Sciences Newsletter is out. Here's the new articles produced for this newsletter. Some of them require that you register (free) with IBM first before viewing...

Information You Can Use

o New report forecasts seven key technologies that will revolutionize pharmaceutical industry by 2010

o Complimentary Seminars on Clinical Genomics

o Web Lecture: "Corporate Information Asset Management"

Customers and Business Partners in the News

o IBM and Affymetrix team to deliver tools to accelerate information-based medicine

o Axeda and IBM: Keeping the life sciences enterprise up and running with a total service solution for device relationship management

o Matrix Science and IBM deliver affordable turnkey package for high-throughput protein identification

IBM Life Sciences in the News

o IBM Announces University Grid Computing Projects

o IBM Launches New Software for Healthcare and Life Sciences