Several friends have recently expressed an interest in starting their own blogs, so naturally I recommended CFXML_Blog as the blog software. CFXML_Blog maintains its data in XML files, so no database is required, and it has many themes, a configuration interface, is unicode compliant, and much more. In fact, uses an updated and customized version of CFXML_Blog v1.2.

While helping them out, I found that the latest CFXML_Blog 1.5 Beta 3 version remained sufficiently problematic, and even though I would have liked to have helped out with improvements to that version, I don't have the time to acquaint myself with the new (unfinished) features in it. So instead, I've made many new improvements to the CFXML_Blog 1.2 because I'm already quite familiar with the internals of that version.

The recent improvements include:


  • Easy editing and commenting with SOEditor
  • A customizable "Welcome" blog entry to act as an introduction to the main blog page
  • Now produces valid RSS 2.0
  • Blog views by category
  • RSS feeds by category, in both long and short modes
  • Customizable settings for number of blogs to show in category view and number to show in RSS view
  • Admin user security hole fixed
  • The wish list for additional improvements to be made when I have more time includes adding a better xhtml compliant editor, perhaps fck editor, adding Google banners ready to accept your Google Adsense ID, and perhaps adding Cameron Childress' Amazon BookKit CFC to show Amazon recommendations.

    If you'd like to try creating your own blog using this alternate version of CFXML_Blog 1.2, you can download it here.

    In addition, I'd like to recommend the following software or services:

    Snap Gallery

    snapGallery is a fast, easy way to create a quick web gallery of pictures. After you select a folder on your machine that contains images (.jpg files), this script generates a series of web pages to display them.

    CJM Group Hosting - Great Coldfusion hosting at very reasonable rates.