A Glimpse of Life at My Cube

A Glimpse of Life at My Cube

Take a look at an aerial phonecam view of life in my cube. This has been my 5th cube in the last 4 years as I recall, but fear not as I've laid down roots. Don't be fooled by the austere haze of the flickering flourescent lights... I'm surrounded by bountiful ammenities and sheer opulence.

To douse my excitement I sometimes have a look out my window at home through my webcam. No sir, no Segue scooters or plasma screens here. The longest walk is to the coffee machine, and I prefer to have Ananova or Ramona read my email to me.

Principal communications devcie and blog reader; Anachronistic lexigraphic devices and toenail clipper, Propeller driven cooling machine; sadist volumizer; Fedora Core 2 Rescue disk; Netgear router for cube subnet, keeps coffee warm; heavy-duty keester support; Bio-IT World magazine... what I'd rather be doing; Greasily thumbed linux magazines; Tear-stained CFDJs, Allaire DevCon2000 Lunchbox.

ColdFusion MX 6.1 Updater Released

An updater for ColdFusion MX 6.1 has just been released. This updater combines the public hotfixes and many others that weren't publically listed. Check it out...

FAQ about the ColdFusion MX 6.1 Updater

Post-install Configuration of Fedora Core 2

This weekend I converted my principal home workstation to Fedora Core 2 Linux. I'd like to make an effort to abandon using Windows XP on the PC altogether, so I spent extra time setting up the workstation properly.Leaving Windows XP on /dev/hda1 as a dual boot, I prepared the to overcome a known issue with FC2 and dual boot scenarios. Having been bitten by this before on another machine, I was ready this time. Following the instructions here, I ran the Fedora Recue Disk (disk 5 of the iso set) and at the shell I ran the command "fdisk -l /dev/hda" to examine the geometry. You see, FC2 is known to alter the way Windows perceives the geometry and can leave you unable to boot Windows at all after installing FC2.
Noting the fdisk output, I jotted down "/dev/hda=4385,255,63".


Tom Kitta is Blogging

Frequent ColdFusion mailing list contributor and Software Developer Tom Kitta has started a blog at http://www.tomkitta.com/blog/index.cfm, coming to you from Toronto, Canada. Tom's blogware of choice is currently is an updated version of CFXML_Blog 1.2. I know I've read many of Tom's comments on the lists, and I look forward to reading his blogs considering his mathematical background and interest in the sciences.

It's great to see that Simon Horwith has also recently entered the blogosphere.

Time to go update my blog aggregator....